Los Óscar a mejor canción original 2000 - 2009

'Slumdog Millionaire' (2008)
'Crazy Heart' (2009)

'Corazón rebelde' (2009)

'Slumdog Millionaire' (2008)

'Slumdog Millionaire' (2008)

'Once' (2007)

'Once' (2007)

'Una verdad incómoda' (2006)

'Hustle and Flow' (2005)

'Hustle and Flow' (2005)

'The Motorcycle Diaries' (2004)

'Diarios de motocicleta' (2004)

'The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King' (2003)

'El señor de los anillos: El retorno del rey' (2003)

'8 Mile' (2002)

'Ocho millas' (2002)

'Monsters S.A.' (2001)

'Wonder Boys' (2000)

'Jóvenes prodigiosos' (2000)

2009"The Weary Kind"Crazy HeartRyan Bingham y T-Bone BurnettÓscar
2009"Almost There"The Princess and the FrogRandy Newman
2009"Down in New Orleans"The Princess and the FrogRandy Newman
2009"Loin de Paname"Paris 36Reinhardt Wagner
2009"Take It All"NineMaury Yeston
2008"Jai Ho"Slumdog MillionaireA. R. RahmanÓscar
2008"O...Saya"Slumdog MillionaireA. R. Rahman
2008"Down to Earth"WALL-EPeter Gabriel y Thomas Newman
2007"Falling Slowly"OnceGlen Hansard y Markéta IrglováÓscar
2007"Happy Working Song"EnchantedAlan Menken
2007"So Close"EnchantedAlan Menken
2007"That's How You Know"EnchantedAlan Menken
2007"Raise It Up"August RushJamal Joseph y Charles Mack
2006"I Need to Wake Up"An Inconvenient TruthMelissa EtheridgeÓscar
2006"Our Town"CarsRandy Newman
2006"Listen”DreamgirlsHenry Krieger y Scott Cutler
2006"Love You I Do"DreamgirlsHenry Krieger
2006"Patience"DreamgirlsHenry Krieger
2005"It's Hard out Here for a Pimp"Hustle and FlowJordan Houston y Cedric ColemanÓscar
2005"In the Deep"CrashKathleen York y Michael Becker
2005"Travelin' Thru"TransamericaDolly Parton
2004"Al otro lado del río"The Motorcycle DiariesJorge DrexlerÓscar
2004"Vois sur ton chemin (Look To Your Path)"The ChorusBruno Coulais
2004"Learn to Be Lonely"The Phantom of the OperaAndrew Lloyd Webber
2004"Believe"The Polar ExpressGlen Ballard y Alan Silvestri
2004"Accidentally in Love" Shrek 2Adam Duritz y Charlie Gillingham
2003"Into the West"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingAnnie LennoxÓscar
2003"Scarlet Tide"Cold MountainT-Bone Burnett y Elvis Costello
2003"You Will Be My Ain True Love"Cold MountainSting
2003"A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow"A Mighty WindMichael McKean y Annette O'Toole
2003"Belleville Rendez-Vous"The Triplets of BellevilleBenoît Charest
2002"Lose Yourself"8 MileEminemÓscar
2002"I Move On"ChicagoJohn Kander
2002"Burn It Blue"FridaElliot Goldenthal
2002"The Hands That Built America"Gangs of New YorkU2
2002"Father and Daughter"The Wild Thornberrys MoviePaul Simon
2001"If I Didn't Have You"Monsters Inc.Randy NewmanÓscar
2001"Until..."Kate and LeopoldSting
2001"May It Be"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingEnya
2001"There You'll Be"Pearl HarborDiane Warren
2001"Vanilla Sky"Vanilla SkyPaul McCartney
2000"Things Have Changed"Wonder Boys Bob DylanÓscar
2000 "I've Seen It All" Dancer in the Dark Björk
2000 "My Funny Friend and Me" The Emperor's New GrooveSting
2000 "A Fool in Love" Meet the ParentsRandy Newman
2000 "A Love Before Time"Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonTan Dun

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